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Wrongful Deaths

Maryland Firm Provides Guidance to Clients in Wrongful Death Cases

When someone’s conduct or carelessness results in another’s death, complete justice might never be served, but legal relief is available to address the harm to the victim and to compensate family members who have been left behind.

Since 1966, Holzman & Dickriede in Baltimore, has provided comprehensive counsel to Maryland clients in wrongful death and survival actions. We work closely with estate representatives and loved ones to outline what type of financial recovery might be available and we pursue full compensation in a settlement or trial.

Dedicated Lawyers Handle Matters Related To Fatal Accidents And Malpractice

From your free initial consultation through final resolution, you can rely on us to deliver strong advocacy in wrongful death litigation arising from:

Our firm has the background and resources to reconstruct a fatal accident and to negotiate effectively with insurance companies.

If someone dies in a fall caused by hazardous conditions or is killed because reasonable security measures weren’t taken, we take on the negligent parties so that they can be held accountable.

A surgical error, mistaken diagnosis or mistake during childbirth might cause harm that can never be reversed. In wrongful death litigation arising from medical malpractice, we collect the necessary expert testimony to support the claims of estates and surviving loved ones.

Our firm handles litigation and workers’ compensation claims related to fatal incidents that occur on the job.

Attorneys Pursue Damages For Final Expenses And Future Losses

After a fatality caused by someone besides the victim, Maryland law authorizes two types of legal remedies. Survival actions are similar to personal injury claims in that they address injuries suffered by the decedent and his or her estate. Wrongful death actions compensate family members for the loss that will affect them for years to come. Our lawyers help clients recover:

Payment can be awarded to an estate to cover funeral and burial costs.

Income and benefits that the victim would have earned during their lifetime are compensable under Maryland law.

The companionship and support of a loved one is priceless, but survivors can secure some reimbursement to account for this aspect of their loss.

In situations where time elapsed between the fatal incident and the decedent’s passing, the personal representative of the estate can seek damages for any medical bills that were incurred, in addition to the victim’s pain and suffering.

In these types of matters and others, we’ll provide knowledgeable counsel regarding damage caps and family members who are permitted to file suit so you understand your options before determining how to proceed.

Coping with a tragic loss can be overwhelming, but it’s important to protect your interests by obtaining personalized advice from a qualified litigator. If a potential recovery is available, we’ll work tirelessly to relieve some of your burden.

Contact a Maryland lawyer for a free consultation regarding a wrongful death claim.

Our firm litigates all types of matters involving fatal instances of negligence and purposeful misconduct.

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