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Bicycle Accidents

Baltimore Firm Litigates on Behalf of People Hurt in Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle has many benefits, but whether you’re riding for exercise, enjoyment or as a way to get to work, motor vehicles pose a serious risk.

Laws exist to protect cyclists, but an automobile driver’s single distraction or moment of aggression can trigger catastrophic harm.

In the Baltimore area, Holzman & Dickriede represents injured bike riders and other plaintiffs in vehicle accident litigation. Having practiced in this area for more than 50 years, we know the rules of the road and how motorists often ignore them. 

Our attorneys are highly qualified litigators with the skill and resources to handle cases that involve serious and permanent injuries.

Skilled Attorneys Offer Comprehensive Counsel To Injured Bike Riders

With a track record that includes successful results throughout Maryland, our personal injury attorneys can help you immediately and advise you on issues such as:

Various types of actions lead to collisions that injure cyclists, such as vehicles swerving unexpectedly and drivers opening doors carelessly. Other times, a road in disrepair or a hazardous obstruction may trigger a bicycle accident. No matter the cause, we review all of the relevant evidence as we pursue damages from the liable parties. Our knowledge of auto accident law and insurance claims will give you an advantage as you seek relief under Maryland’s tough contributory negligence standard.

Children under 16 are required to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle in Maryland. A proposal introduced in the General Assembly to extend this rule to adults was not passed. While a helmet can cut the risk of a head injury significantly, nothing offers complete protection. If you’ve suffered brain trauma or some other type of damage, we’ll work to achieve a result that addresses the present and future consequences of your accident.

Broken bones, facial injuries, skin damage and other harm that stems from a bicycle crash might require short- and long-term medical treatment. Our lawyers offer a knowledgeable perspective on the legal merits of your case and the damages you might be entitled to.

Before accepting a settlement from a careless driver or their insurance carrier, we will evaluate if the offer is appropriate. We make things easy by offering a free initial consultation and flexible scheduling. Our lawyers can also come to you if you’re unable to visit our office.

Contact a thorough Baltimore bicycle accident lawyer for a free consultation.

Holzman & Dickriede advocates for Maryland bicycle riders who have been hurt due to someone else’s fault.

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