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Pedestrian Accidents

Baltimore Injury Lawyers Advise Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles

Cell phones and other distractions have had a significant effect on car accidents, and when someone is not paying full attention, it’s easy not to notice someone walking in front of a car.

Even if a vehicle is not traveling at great speed, a collision could change a pedestrian’s life.

In Baltimore and the surrounding area, Holzman & Dickriede has offered comprehensive legal support to pedestrian accident victims since 1966. We challenge defendants and insurance companies who try to take advantage of Maryland’s tough contributory negligence standard to avoid their legal responsibility. 

Whether the harm suffered by you or a loved one is permanent or treatable, our litigators will pursue a proper outcome.

Litigators Seek Compensation From Careless Drivers And Other Faulty Parties

Maryland averages more than 100 pedestrian fatalities per year and about 3,000 walkers are injured in collisions annually. If you’ve been hurt as a pedestrian or are related to someone who was killed in such an accident, we offer a free initial consultation to address key issues such as:

If someone in Maryland is determined to be even slightly responsible for the collision that hurt them, they cannot collect damages. This means that a plaintiff who was struck while walking might be accused of jaywalking, running into the street at an improper location, texting while walking or doing something else that contributed to their injury. We work diligently to find what truly occurred so that unwarranted defenses can be defeated.

Driver inattention is just one potential cause of pedestrian accidents. Our personal injury lawyers review whether other potential defendants exist in addition to the motorist. Poorly designed parking lots, roads where ice has not been cleared and obstructions that block the view of crosswalks may have been contributing causes.

Someone walking across the street is completely exposed in a collision with a car or truck. In the worst instances, a negligent driver might be responsible for a wrongful death. Other times, a victim could suffer broken bones, internal damage or a traumatic brain injury. When injuries are extensive, and possibly permanent, it takes a knowledgeable attorney to assess the potential damages accurately.

Witnesses and evidence can disappear quickly. Don’t hesitate to get the legal help you need. Our firm provides flexible scheduling to make things easier during a difficult time.

Contact a Baltimore lawyer to schedule a free consultation regarding a pedestrian accident.

Holzman & Dickriede represents pedestrians who have been struck by cars or trucks as well as other Maryland personal injury plaintiffs.

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