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Auto Accidents

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers Seek Relief for Injured Clients

One vehicle accident can threaten your health, finances and even your ability to do your job. 

Approximately 35,000 injury-causing crashes occur each year on Maryland roads. After the wreckage is cleared, victims of these collisions are forced to deal with insurance companies and defense lawyers who are intent on minimizing payouts. Located in Baltimore, Holzman & Dickriede stands up for people who have been hurt in vehicle accidents, as well as for their families. Since 1966, our attorneys have won substantial verdicts and have negotiated favorable settlements in matters relating to car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.

Skillful advocates outline maryland laws on fault and uninsured motorists

From start to finish, our experienced attorneys advance your legal case and explain in detail the legal issues that might be relevant, such as:

Unlike some states, Maryland maintains a traditional fault standard in claims arising from vehicle collisions. This means that you can seek payment from the driver who is responsible for the crash and their insurer. After reviewing the relevant circumstances, we’ll advise you on the best way to proceed and represent your interests before insurers and during litigation.

Your auto insurance policy includes coverage for situations where an at-fault driver lacks sufficient insurance to pay the damages you’ve incurred. We will seek appropriate payment under the uninsured/underinsured motorist provision of your policy and pursue litigation against the other driver if warranted.

After many accidents, the parties involved blame each other. Maryland’s contributory negligence rule makes the assignment of fault very important, even when it is obvious that one driver is primarily responsible for the crash. Should the plaintiff have any legal liability, for instance when a pedestrian is hit by a car after entering a street in an improper place, recovery is not permitted.

Speaking with an accomplished personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible after an accident can accelerate the legal process. We provide a free initial consultation and flexible scheduling so there’s no need to delay.

In a free initial consultation, we’ll go over the facts of your case and identify any parties that might be responsible for the injury. 

From there, we’ll take strong action against property owners, site managers, government bodies, manufacturers and anyone else who bears some fault for your slip and fall.

Understanding the Process

Working with Holzman & Dickriede


Legal advisers detail steps you should take following a vehicle accident

A vehicle collision is physically and emotionally jarring. Even if you don’t feel that you need immediate medical attention, your first priority is to make sure that you and everyone else involved in the accident is safe.

Report the accident at once and if you are able, you should begin to gather information and take photographs of the accident scene. 

Record your impressions and get the contact information of the other drivers and witnesses.

Don’t admit fault or try to plead your case as to why the other motorist is to blame. Those issues will be resolved later.


Attorneys handle litigation arising from truck, motorcycle and bicycle crashes

Each accident is unique and when a collision involves a pedestrian or a vehicle that is not a standard passenger car, special legal considerations apply.

Having litigated these matters for decades, we are familiar with the specific regulations that apply to trucks and commercial vehicles and use that knowledge to identify potential violations that might have contributed to the crash. 

Our lawyers also understand the rules, sometimes ignored by drivers, which are designed to protect pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders.

When questions exist regarding possible design or manufacture defects, we’ll review whether a product liability action should be initiated.

Contact a dedicated Maryland car accident lawyer for a free initial consultation

Holzman & Dickriede assists individuals throughout the Baltimore area who have been hurt in car crashes and other types of vehicle accidents.

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