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Trucking Accidents

Baltimore Law Firm Represents Maryland Trucking Accident Victims

Due to their size, weight, and reduced maneuverability, trucks can pose significant dangers to other vehicles on the road, hazards that can be worsened by careless driving and other negligence.

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles tend to result in greater injury to people and property, and recovering damages can be complicated by the number of potentially responsible parties involved. At Holzman & Dickriede in Baltimore, our team of personal injury attorneys has more than 50 years of combined experience obtaining just compensation for the victims of these often catastrophic accidents.

Determining the cause of a trucking accident

Tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, container trucks, other types of commercial vehicles, and trucks for personal use, are all potential hazards on the road. Truck accidents can be attributable to multiple factors, including traffic, weather, road hazards and vehicle defects or malfunctions.

Common truck accident types include tire blowouts, rollovers and skids. Trucks making wide turns may sideswipe other vehicles. Other examples are trailer uncouplings, underrides (when a car becomes wedged under a truck’s chassis) and jackknifes (when a semi’s tractor stops abruptly and the trailer continues to push forward, causing it to swing outward).

Trucking accidents may result in brain and spinal injuries, broken bones, other traumatic injuries and even fatalities to innocent drivers and passengers of other vehicles and to pedestrians.

Despite other contributing causes, the conduct of the parties involved — especially the truck driver — can weigh heavily in determining liability.

Accidents can often result from:

  • Speeding — Truckers may be so intent on meeting deadlines that they drive faster than reasonable under the circumstances.
  • Driver fatigue — Federal regulations require truck drivers to take periodic breaks, but many fail to rest and continue driving when they are too tired to do so safely.
  • Impaired driving — Truck drivers, like other motorists, are prohibited from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are more likely to cause accidents when they do.
  • Lack of proper training and certification — Truck drivers need special training and licenses to ensure safe driving. In some cases, accidents are the fault of drivers who lack these credentials.

Liability for injuries suffered in a truck accident may be shared among several parties.

The trucking company may be liable both as the vehicle owner and if it is also the employer of the driver. If another company employs the driver, it too may be liable.

Other potential defendants are the person or company that hired the truck and the shipper of goods who actually loaded the truck’s cargo bay.

Manufacturers may be held responsible for defects in the truck or any of its component parts.

A mechanic whose negligence led to a malfunction that contributed to the accident can share in the blame. And a trucking company’s parent organization might be liable for its subsidiary’s share of fault.


In a free initial consultation, we’ll go over the facts of your case and identify any parties that might be responsible for the injury. 

We investigate trucking accident cases thoroughly and work diligently to amass evidence establishing our clients’ lack of responsibility. When an accident victim’s actions factored only minimally in the accident, we may be able to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Understanding the Process

Holzman & Dickriede and Maryland

Fair compensation for truck accident victims

If you are hurt in trucking accident through no fault of your own, you may be able to recover:

  • Medical bills, including for reconstructive surgery and other costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Loss of wages and future earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Pain and suffering

Maryland permits auto accident victims to sue for their injuries only if they are blameless. 

If you violated a traffic law or were driving while distracted or impaired, you are considered contributorily negligent and thus barred from seeking recovery from others.

Contact accomplished trucking accident plaintiffs’ attorneys

If you are a victim of a trucking accident, the personal injury attorneys of Holzman & Dickriede welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to determine how we can help you. 

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