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DUI Accident Injury

Baltimore Attorneys Win Recoveries for Injuries Caused by DUI/DWI

Drunk drivers pose terrible dangers to themselves and others on the road, causing accidents that result in serious injuries and sometimes fatalities.

Like all negligent motorists, they are legally responsible for the harm they do, and the fact that they were driving while impaired (DWI) or under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) is highly relevant to proving fault in a suit by victims to recover money damages. 

At Holzman & Dickriede in Baltimore, we are experienced and adept at bringing drunk drivers to face justice. Whether you are a pedestrian, a passenger of the drunk driver or a driver or passenger of another vehicle, we will do our best to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

Law Firm Committed To Recovering Damages For Drunk Driving Accidents

Winning compensation requires proving that the DUI/DWI driver’s negligence caused the accident and that the injured victim’s own negligence did not contribute. A conviction for DUI or DWI is admissible at trial as evidence of the driver’s negligence. A driver may be convicted of DUI if he or she either had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or was substantially impaired by alcohol or drugs or of DWI if alcohol affected his or her normal coordination. But even without a conviction, evidence of the driver’s inebriation or drug-induced state is admissible and will likely bear heavily toward a finding of negligence.

Once the driver’s fault is established, injured parties who are blameless in the accident can recover damages for all losses suffered as a result, including:

In cases of egregious misconduct, such as a drunk driver plowing through a crowd on a city street, a court may award punitive damages, which are intended to punish the defendant as well as to serve as a warning to others.

Knowledgeable Attorneys Analyze Potential Liability Of All Parties

The drunk driver is not the only one who may be liable for your injuries. Others who may share responsibility are:

Unlike other states, Maryland does not have a Dram Shop Law or other statute to hold bars or social hosts liable for damages caused by people they serve. However, a social host who serves alcohol to a minor is subject to criminal prosecution.

At Holzman and Dickriede, we know how to assemble the evidence needed to establish the DUI/DWI driver’s fault in the accident and to show that those injured as a result were virtually innocent.

Contact accomplished drunk driving accident plaintiffs’ attorneys.

If you are injured by a drunk driver anywhere in Maryland, the personal injury attorneys of Holzman & Dickriede welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to determine how we can help.

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