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What You Need to Know About Automobile Accidents in Maryland (FAQs)

Automobile accidents can cause serious physical, mental, and financial damages. In the state of Maryland, there is an average of 36,000 car accidents every year and more than 55,000 people are injured in one. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you are not alone. A Holzman & Associates personal injury attorney can review your case and help you receive compensation. Compensation can include everything from medical bills, property damage, lost wages from work, pain, emotional suffering, and physical disabilities.

Below are some frequently asked questions about automobile accidents in the state of Maryland that you should know the answers to:

1. How does Maryland handle automobile accidents?
Maryland uses a fault-based system for automobile accidents. The driver that is at-fault is responsible for the financial costs, including damages and any compensation. If you are in an automobile accident in Maryland, you are entitled to seek payment from both the driver who is responsible and their insurer.

2. What if the other driver blames me?
Automobile accidents often end up in the blame game. People are quick to blame the other person for the accident. The state of Maryland follows the contributory negligence rule. If the other driver proves you were at-fault in the slightest, you will not be entitled to recover damages. The assignment of fault is very important because of contributory negligence.

3. What happens if the other driver is not insured?
Auto insurance policies include coverage for at-fault drivers without sufficient insurance. If you are in an automobile accident, you can go through your own insurance to receive compensation for damages. In some cases, we may advise suing the at-fault driver to seek further compensation. An experienced attorney can help you with this.

4. What should I do immediately after an automobile accident?
After an automobile accident, first make sure you and the other people involved are okay. If anyone needs medical attention, call an ambulance. Once safe, call the police to report the accident. Then, you will want to make sure the accident is well-documented, including photos of any damage and the scene of the accident. You will also want to collect information from the other driver, including their auto insurance and contact information. If there are witnesses, you will want to get their contact information as well. Finally, you will want to contact your personal injury law attorney to review your case and your options. Do not worry about who is at-fault or trying to sort out the issues on the scene. The determination of who is at-fault and receiving compensation will be resolved later with your insurance and personal injury attorney.

5. If I file a lawsuit, will I have to go to court?
In most automobile accident lawsuits, your personal injury attorney will work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to come up with a settlement agreement that avoids litigation. If the settlement amount being offered by the at-fault driver Is lower than you deserve, then a litigation attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

6. When should I hire a personal injury attorney?
If you have been in an automobile accident and have suffered any kind of physical or emotional injury, you are entitled to speak with a personal injury attorney. We recommend calling a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn about your options. The personal injury attorney will review your case and help determine the best course of action, whether that is a settlement or going to court.

Every accident is unique, which is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case. The personal injury attorneys at Holzman & Associates have litigated these matters for decades and understand the rules that can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

For more than 50 years, Holzman & Associates, LLC has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for injury victims throughout Maryland. Ask around about us! If you believe you are entitled to compensation, contact us at 410-539-4222 for your free consultation.

In a free initial consultation, we’ll go over the facts of your case and identify any parties that might be responsible for the injury. 


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